Joe Manganiello Workout

by on January 28, 2012

Joe Manganiello Workout Routine and DietSince you found this site, you probably already know about Joe Manganiello. And you are obviously wondering what the Joe Manganiello workout routine is? And what was the Joe Manganiello diet that helped him get such a ridiculous body for his True Blood role?

In case you don’t already know, Joe Manganiello is the 6’5″ buff actor who plays Alcide Herveaux, a werewolf in HBO’s big hit vampire series, True Blood. If you haven’t watched True Blood yet, my advice is to go rent the past seasons immediately and get caught up. It’s a very entertaining show that had me addicted from day one. OK, back to Joe Manganiello…. I have to admit, his physique is pretty darn impressive. True Blood has several actors in phenomenal shape. But in my opinion nobody is more impressive than Joe Manganiello. He has that Hollywood look that most men would die to have.

When Joe Manganiello landed the role of Alcide Herveaux, he was a big 240 pound guy with good overall sized muscles. Joe said before training for the werewolf role, he lifted heavy to get bigger and stronger. He did a lot of heavy bench presses and squats. However, at 18% body fat, Joe knew he needed to get more cut and define for his new role. After reading the books True Blood was based on, Joe knew to be the bad ass werewolf he thought his character should portray, he needed to take his training to the next level.

Joe says because he was so big he was constantly mistaken for a professional football player. But he decided he needed to drop his fat levels down and get more cut and define. Manganiello was a big, muscular guy who was already pretty strong and athletic. But his goal was to “carve and sculpt” the clay that he already had. Basically, he wanted more of the “Hollywood look” which is a tighter, more ripped look.

In order to do that he contacted Hollywood trainer Ron Matthews who trained Hugh Jackman to get into his amazing shape for his role as a wolverine in the X-men movies. Ron Matthews created an intense workout program, along with a high protein diet for Manganiello. The workout program consisted of high repetitions using light weights, in combination with high intense cardio. Joe was able to lose 15 pounds of fat and he lowered his body fat from 18% down to 8%, giving him a stronger, more athletic look, that Joe and Ron felt he needed for the role. This workout has been called the “werewolf workout” or simply the “Joe Manganiello” workout.

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Joe Manganiello Diet

Joe Manganiello True Blood "werewof workout"I have done a lot of research to try to find out exactly what the Joe Manganiello workout routine was in order to get him in such remarkable shape for his werewolf role in True Blood. I learned a few things… The Joe Manganiello workout routine consisted of working out twice a day for 6 days a week with his trainer Ron Matthews. In the morning’s he started his day doing cardio for 45 minutes on an empty stomach. And in the evenings he did his weight training, using a “split routine” where he would train a few different body parts each day, never doing the same workout twice to confuse his muscles. For example, one day for his weight training he would train chest and biceps, and he usually did super sets with very little rest for the entire hour workout.

So he may do a set of bench presses for 15 reps, then a set of double dumb bell flys for 15 reps, and then a set of bicep curls for 15 reps. Then he would do that same super set 4 more times. He focused on hitting different angles of each muscles to give them that more defined look. For example, when training his biceps he alternated the exercises for each workout, such as doing standing curls, sitting curls on an angled bench, and doing preacher curls. He also changed the angles of his grips on each workout…. The next time he got to “Chest and Biceps” day he would change up the exercises he did from the last workout.

Joe Manganiello Diet

Before training for his role in True Blood, Joe Manganiello was already in very good shape. Most of us mere mortals would have killed to have the impressive body Joe had. But at 240 pounds and 18% body fat, he didn’t quite have the define look he wanted for his new role. And although he wanted to work with trainer Ron Matthews to get him on a better workout routine that would help him achieve the more sculpted look he was looking for…. Joe knew that the diet was going to be equally as important for him to achieve that sculpted look. Ron Matthews made sure Manganiello ate a very high, low carb diet. Joe says he ate “lots and lots of protein throughout the day”. And usually the only carbs he ate was having oatmeal after his early morning cardio. After that he would have no more carbs throughout the rest of the day. And no sugar and no bread. He would mainly eat clean forms of protein and fibrous vegetables. He says he ate some fruits but the bulk of his diet consisted of protein, such as salmon, buffalo meat, egg whites, and whey protein shakes.

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Is the Joe Manganiello Workout and Diet for you?

I wouldn’t advise anybody jump straight into the Joe Manganiello workout unless you are already in very good shape and are looking to change things up to see if you can take your fitness to the next level. Remember, Joe Manganiello is a celebrity that has time to workout in the manner he needs in order to get into the shape needed for his role. For many actors and actresses, working out is part of their job. And for a lot of these actors and actresses, the better shape they’re in, the more roles they get and the more money they make. So you can see why it’s easier for them then most of us to get motivated to workout and eat as they should to get into amazing shape.

Get ripped like Joe Manganiello

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